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Our Products

We sell fresh organic fruits, vegtables, herbs, eggs, and raw honey!


We offer quailty products grown to beyond organic standards. Products include Raw Honey, Fruit, Vegetables, Herbs, and Eggs


We provide Beef and Pork from Oak Tree Farms to our customers. Both at our farm store, convient drop off locations, and deliveries for our Gold Members.

Farm Supplies

We offer supplies for your small farm, back yard garden, or lanscaping needs. Products Include Daddy Pete's Compost, Mulch, and Garden blends. Tree Branch mulch. Chicken, Duck, Quail, and other fowl watering systems. We also have plants, bushes, and trees available. Don't forget chicks and birds to create your own flock.

Shop Opening Hours

Friday 5pm – 8pm / Saturday 9am – 5pm / Sunday 9am – 2pm

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