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Liberty Tree Farmstead's Story 

Liberty Tree Farmstead owned by the Eaton Family is a Beyond Organic Orchard and Farm.  Our goal is to produce healthy, safe, and delicous food.

What we Believe 

We started this farm as a way to provide safe and delicous food for our family.  We had a goal of producing at least 60% of our food needs.  We knew if we could do this it would be a huge step in being healthier.  In that journey other people became excited and wanted us to produce enough for them as well.  ...and that is where the story begins.


We started developing a plan to best provide for customers and ourselves.  We decided to closely mimic Stefan Sobkoiak's Permaculture Orchard.  His model is a members only orchard that uses Beyond Organic techniques.  We decided to use this model for several reasons.  First our small farm can produce for 75 to 100 families.  So we will keep our memberships exclusive to those families dedicated to us through memberships.  Second Beyond Organic methods doesn't just replace dangerous chemicals with organic chemicals, it uses preventive systems mimicing nature and to only have to use organic sprays as a last resort.  Third a orchard system like this has berry bushes, herb plants, grapes, asparagus, and more layered in between the fruit trees.  This allows us to produce a lot of fruit and vegetables on a small farm.  Fourth, the Honey, bees make honey from flowers, fruit trees have flowers, and fruit trees need bees to polinate, no brainer.  Lastly part of the systems natural fertilizer is free ranging chickens and turkeys between fruit tree rows.  This allows us to provide on farm produced meat.  This system will let us produce a very wide selection for our members.









What is Beyond Organic 

  • Organic is certified by the government, we are certified by our customers.

  • Most Organic farms just replace dangerous chemicals with organic chemicals.

  • We use prevenitive methods for pest and disease.

  • We use organic sprays as a last resort.

  • Animals are treated with best care, allowed to free range, and fed all natural, non GMO, non soy, and no antibiodics or hormones.



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